Monday, March 14, 2011


Our current living situation is less than ideal, and I often think about what I would like to improve upon when we make our next move. I decided to make a list of these things on my blog here in the hopes that I will stop wasting time thinking about them during the day!

1. A gas stove, or glass-top electric stove. At the very least I would like a stove made in the last 5 years that has a digital display and oven timer and at the VERY least has burners that don't tilt your pan in all directions while you're cooking. Making sauces and soups can be very interesting to say the least.

2. A kitchen sink that is deep. I would like a kitchen sink that is industrial sized. Why? Because I hate having to do dishes by hand in a sink the size of a bathroom sink.

3. A kitchen faucet that is far enough away from the sink divider that I can use our faucet filter.

4. A fridge that opens up into the kitchen without being in the way. Our fridge is currently in a place that means we have to walk around it while it's open. If the kitchen chairs are pulled out more than just a little bit, then forget it. You can't get through. I hate having to back up into the wall, pretty much, in order to get back into the kitchen after loading up with food stuffs.

5. THREE BEDROOMS!! PLEASE!! Right now we have one very large bedroom and one smaller bedroom. At least the second bedroom is large, but we still have to share with miss Em, and who wants to do that? She'll be 18 months by the time we finally move out of here, and let's just say, that is NOT the way I pictured my life being!

6. A living room large enough to comfortable house our couch, entertainment stand and TV, chair and piano while still leaving room to walk normally, not sidestepping.

7. An office. I'm tired of sharing my study time with the TV, piano and toy boxes.

8. A family room/play room. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to banish the children to a play room or basement in order to get some work done? I could actually finish an entire assignment or two in one sitting during the day and not have to wait until nap time or bed time! I also might be able to blog once in a while... more often than I do now, anyway.

9. No through-the-wall/ceiling/floor neighbors. For once I would like to have all the walls of our dwelling actually be our walls. I don't want to hear the neighbors fighting, partying, watching movies, listening to Disney tunes or doing the unmentionable.

10. A safe neighborhood with plenty of sidewalks and a backyard all to ourselves. Not only to I enjoy gardening, I also enjoy being able to sit out on a lawn chair and watch my kids play in the grass and dirt. How can you learn to love the land if you never get to sit in it? That's just my thought on the matter. I thoroughly enjoy being outside and I do it more often if I feel like I have a little privacy. Imagine being able to take a laptop outside and work on my Vitamin D intake whilst also letting my kids have a blast.

11. A Dishwasher!! As much fun as it can be to wash dishes by hand, I've had just about enough of it. It's been almost two and half years of washing by hand and my husband and I have had it. Liquid dish soap is expensive and so is heating water to the right temperature so you know the dishes actually get clean. On top of which my skin is so sensitive I break out in a rash unless I use gloves, which also need to be replaced every so often. Why not just buy a free-standing one? There just isn't any space. Our kitchen is smaller than at our last place and there wasn't any room for one in there either.

12. A washer and dryer!! I like clean clothes. The only thing I like better than having clean clothes, is not having to go anywhere to get them cleaned! If I had my own laundry room, I would wash clothes all day. Okay, not really, but I would really appreciate having my own space to get the washing done.

That's the top 12, and I have a few more, but these are the most important ones. Maybe now I'll stop being so whiny to my husband. :)

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