Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Big MOVE and Internet Fasting

Recently I posted a few too many opinions on my social networking account and it caused a few too many opinions to be posted in return. I never felt like a bad mom or a failure mom until I read some of these opinions from "friends" about my opinion. It wasn't even anything really important, just a rant of mine over a holiday tradition. The point is, I was so upset I had my husband change my login information for the social site so that I wouldn't go on and retaliate with words of anger and hate. Yes, I am actually capable of some pretty nasty verbiage.

Anyway, since I was fasting from that site, I have extended that fast to other things where my opinion might be shut down in a not-so-subtle, not very kind way. That included this blog. I'm a little sad now that I didn't blog over the last two months, but what's done is done. I won't take it back.

Almost a month ago we moved our little family back to Idaho from Salt Lake City, Utah. It was a whirlwind decision that seemed to come out of nowhere, but so far I'm glad we made the move. We went from about 850 square feet, 3 bedroom apartment to an almost 1000 square foot 2 bedroom apartment. One of the bedrooms is large enough to be 2, so we are sharing that one with Little Sis. Let me tell you now, I am SO glad that this is only a 6 month lease because waking up every time she rolls over is getting really old REALLY fast! I'm at least getting used to the exhaustion now.

It is also nice to be close to my sister and her kids. They are so good with my little ones and they seem to adore each other. It has also been nice to still be so close to a temple. The Boise LDS temple is only about 20 minutes away, and Dan and I have enjoyed going there. So much peace can be felt inside that holy house, and it doesn't matter which temple you are in, the feeling is the same.

Our closets are still stuffed full of boxes and bins which we have yet to go through, and half of the rooms that are "put away" still have piles of papers and junk that needs to be gone through or thrown out. One of these days I'll get to it, but that day is NOT today.

Also, we are speaking in church on Sunday, which should be fun considering I haven't really written anything yet and I still have two exams to do this week.

In other news, I have realized two things about the passage of time that have made me feel extremely grateful. Since Sis is so close to turning 1 I have been mentally and emotionally revisiting my late pregnancy and labor with her. It was NOT the pleasantest of experiences, what birth is, right? But hers was unique in that she had ultrasound diagnosed problems that would have required intervention after birth, but once she was born the problems disappeared. She was supposed to be underweight, but was born a healthy 6 lbs. 6 ozs. She almost came early at 35 weeks, and then again at 37, until I was finally induced at 39 weeks. So, the first thing I'm grateful for is that my little girl came to us healthy and strong and that she continues that trend. The second thing I realized is that when Little D was her age I was almost 5 months pregnant! I am SO grateful to NOT be pregnant right now. I have done a happy dance at least 3 times about it. Having children is an adventure, and when they're close together it is a pretty crazy one, but SO worth it. That said, I would prefer to only have the adventure of children being that close in birth once in my life.

Happy V Day everyone!

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  1. Have I told you lately how much I love you? I know I haven't to your face because I haven't actually seen your face since Rachel's wedding. Well, I do love you and I think you are not only an amazing Mom but an amazing woman and a wonderful Daughter of Our Father in Heaven and I am Grateful that you are a part of my forever family. Thank you for being you. You really touched me and helped me in so many ways while I was out there. I will always remember your love and kindness. Don't change a thing. Love you always. <3


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