Thursday, December 2, 2010

English RANTS!!

Okay, I'm not usually a grammar nazi, nor am I a grammar snob. I'll admit, I frequently use incorrect grammar. Even on a daily basis. But here's the issue I have tonight that I need to get off my chest. VOCABULARY!!

How can a person exist in this world without a decent vocabulary? Seriously!? So many times over the last few weeks I have seen word choice errors that should not have ever happened. Have we lost all our sense of pride? What about that old dusty book known as a dictionary?

Call me a nerd, but I used to read dictionaries as a kid. I'd put lines in the margins next to words I didn't know and then I'd challenge myself to use one or two words in a few sentences at several points during the next week. Yes, I know it's totally nerdy and geeky and ... whatever. The point is, I educated myself. I didn't wait for someone else to correct my grammar or my word choices, but it did occasionally happen. If I ever doubted my word choice or the usage of a word, I *GASP* LOOKED IT UP!! There's no shame in looking up words every once in a while, or always. Some people ought to be looking up words on a several-times-a-day basis.

Examples of improper word usage that has irked me of late:

"I needed to have more room on the shelf so I consistently removed some of your books, if you're wondering where they are."

Okay, despite the fact that this sentence is poorly formed (as are many of my own, I'll admit) the use of the word "consistently" makes ZERO sense! Consistently means that you are doing something time and time again... daily even. Not a one time thing! Furthermore, the word needed in this sentence is something more along the lines of "therefore" or just eliminate it altogether.

"I'm so greatful for ..."

I get it. Gratitude is a virtue we should all be striving for, and maybe I need a good dose of it right now, but this is just wrong. If something is "great" it's awesome, terrific, wonderful, praiseworthy, joyous, etc. Something can NOT be "great-FUL" the word simply does NOT exist! The word you are looking for is "grateful" I know, the spelling is weird and it doesn't make sense, but that's the rule, so deal.

"These shoes are so epic"

Apparently I missed the change in definition of this word since it is now consistently (a correct use of this word, by the way) used by people to describe anything that is neat, cool, a good deal, etc. Epic used to mean larger than life, shocking, etc. For instance, the Lord of the Rings Trilogy would be considered epic because of its larger than life special effects and story line spanning decades (if you read the books, anyway).

There are also misspellings that could be chocked up to slip-of-the-finger mishaps, but I know the truth.

The bottom line is, perfection does not exist... but please, please, PLEASE for the love of the English language, pick up a dictionary once in a while!!

*rant over*

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