Thursday, July 1, 2010


Well, here we go, I guess. I decided it would be a good idea for me to start a blog about my children and the challenges associated with parenting them. Why? Because I needed another outlet besides my husband. The great thing about writing my feelings out is I can do so without worrying. Internet readers might be judgemental, but they can never be as hard on me as I am on myself. My husband gets worn out hearing me explain the same thing over and over and over again, something that is part of the way I process things, and there has been a lot to process of late.

My goals for this blog involve just a few things. First, to provide the outlet for my feeling, thoughts and doubts/fears. It's a safe outlet. There won't be any posts detailing names, dates, places, etc. I aim to remain relatively anonymous, which will add to the safety of the blog. It will also be safe because there won't be any eye-rolling, groaning or heavy sighing from my audience... well at least not that I can see, and that's the whole point. Second goal for the blog is to provide a place for other moms in the same or similar situations with their own children. I know we all want to know we're not alone. We, as women, need to know we're suffering together, struggling with the same struggles. It unites us and readies us for the 'battle' that is life. The battle that never ends and has many waves. My third goal is to document the things that work and the things that don't and maybe my documentation can save another parent some of the grief that I have suffered. The fourth and final goal (at least I think it's the final goal) is to help other parents to find joy in the journey. This is probably the most important goal, and also the most difficult. Personal emotional challenges have added to my grief as a parent, and I'll touch on how that grief has shaped me, and how we can turn it around into joy.

You can expect to read about anything from holiday fun and safety, breastfeeding challenges, nutrition for kids with allergies, natural remedies, and early intervention. Those are only a few of the topics I will touch on. I am hoping to get out at least three posts a week, but if I do more, that would be amazing!

Enjoy the blog and please be patient as I get everything set up and organized. I hope you find joy in the journey.


Add your two cents here. Have an idea for a post? Let me know. I welcome creative inspiration in all its forms.