Monday, September 19, 2011

Moving Day 1

Little D's meltdown only a few hours into our trip.
Little Sis enjoying the fruit snacks I passed out.
Little D enjoying his "DY-a-SOR" fruit snacks.
When we saw this train, D was so excited or "Ma sight ID" as he says. He said, "OOOOooo! Mom, train go say 'choo choo!'"

 Daddy had to keep fixing our trailer hitch. This time the emergency chains snapped. ... in the middle of a canyon in 100 + degree desert heat... Did I mention that this canyon was also a severe incline? Yeah. It was an adventure and a half.

The beautiful view at one point in the canyon. Those gorgeous red rocks .... so much iron. (My Geographer of a husband informed me that this is probably the mineral in the soil which makes the rocks so intensely rust colored.)
"Welcome to Wyoming" This sign was a welcome sight and came at about our half-way point. 10 hours driving with two small kids = not a fun time for Mommy and Daddy.
A wind farm in Wyoming. They were EVERYWHERE.

A moment's peace. The bad news? Little Sis was not sleeping at the same time and kept squealing and waking him up.

I couldn't get the driver to take my picture safely, so I did it myself.

The only bit of weather we encountered our first day. Light rain and lots and lots (and LOTS) of wind. I'm beginning to see the logic of the wind farms now.

The kids enjoying some time out of the car at Little America. Daddy's words were "I thought it was bigger than this." Meh.. we were only there for the bathroom anyway.

This is the last picture I took that day. The sign says "Green River 1 mile."


  1. I love that you took pictures all along the way-I especially love the picture you took of yourself :) I love you! Good luck on your new adventure-I love hearing about how it has been so far!

  2. I hope this new adventure is great for all of you! Can't wait to see the rest of the trip!


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