Tuesday, July 27, 2010


We just had little D's evaluation by the pediatrician at the child development clinic, and I am so glad we did it. First of all, she was really good with him and was very thorough in her questioning. She allowed us to explain things and really get into the details of little D's symptoms and issues.

Firstly she was concerned about his recently developed acid reflux, which she said could be contributing to his speech delay, eating problems and also the recent snoring at night. She gave us a prescription for Prevacid, which isn't new to us since little Sis is on that for her acid reflux. In any case, we're supposed to see if the snoring improves on the new medication. We were also given a referral for a Gastroenterologist to make sure things are developed properly and moving well for little D. We described how he frequently chokes and sputters on liquids and how he seems to have bouts of mild constipation as well. It was encouraging to find out that I'm not crazy, and his symptoms do mean something after all.

Secondly, the doctor assured us that she didn't think there was any chance that little D is autistic at all. He seemed overly cooperative and pleasant, which, she said, is the exact opposite of all the autistic kids she sees. And she sees a lot of them at this clinic since it is run by the state health department and the clinic specializes in care for children with special needs.

The best news of all was that we got a recommendation for a new primary care pediatrician! The doctor has been part of their clinic but is moving to private practice at the beginning of September to a clinic not too far from us. What better news could there be? Now I just have to call to make sure they accept our insurance. Please oh please oh please!!

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  1. Awesome news. Congratulations. I will continue to pray that things go well and that the new meds work well for the little guy.


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