Monday, October 10, 2011

Working it out

Over the last few weeks while being here in the SOuth, I have discovered an unpleasant fact. ... my pants are getting tight, my "muffin top" is rising like bread dough and my heaving breaths while carrying laundry baskets across the house have gotten... HEAVE-ier.

In response to this development I first began to rationalize it away. I'm in the South! It's humid down here. I must not be drinking enough water, so my body is retaining it. Retaining water = gaining weight. Sounds simple enough and I felt good about it for a while... well only a short while.

My kids have been increasingly interested in the aforementioned "muffin top" which is uncomfortable at best. Stop poking my fat! I'm aware of it, I'd rather not be, thank you!

AFter this first rationalization fell apart, I decided it must a combination of retaining water and eating too much. The logic is lost on me with this one, but that's waht I was thinking. Eat less = less me! Well, not so.

In any case, neither of these explanations that I so creatively came up with explained my winded-ness. I thought maybe the humidity was taxing my airways and I would eventually get used to it. Well, I'm used to it now and there has been little change. In fact, with fall settling into the very wooded area that we're in, the pollen of the pine trees is in full swing, there is more dust and my airways are more irritated than before!

So, this morning I woke up with a resolve to get into shape. I already found a podcast that plays remixed songs to a nice "running" beat. Well, I'm not about to try running, but I do enjoy dancing, so dance I did! I danced and did pilates moves and push ups and sit ups. It lasted about 45 minutes because it took me that long to get the kids off of me every so often.

I feel great! I even did the dishes afterward. I think I'm going to like this. It would be nice if I could get back into a size 6, but I seriously doubt my post 2 baby body will ever do that. So, if I have to stay my current size forever, I'd at least like to be fit and healthy. I don't want to be running after my kids and collapse.

Here's to success and to finding the motivation to keep on exercising! WOO HOO!

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