Monday, August 23, 2010

My, how the Time Flies

Well, it's been a while since my last post, and it's not for lack of trying. I have been busy with life events and the final events of summer. I had a family reunion last week, and before that I was sick. I know, I know, how can I be sick, I just got over strep throat, right? Well, your guess is as good as mine, and it's probably as good as all the doctors' guesses too. I had some severe abdominal/pelvic pain, and despite the best efforts of the doctors, they still have no idea what could have caused the pain. They did an ultrasound to check for ovarian cysts, which came back negative. They also did a urinalysis and a thyroid hormone blood screen, both of which came back in the normal range. The only thing was that my thyroid levels were a little on the low side. Something that isn't a problem until the levels fall off of their chart, but I'm already feeling the affects. Weight gain, abdominal problems, appetite issues, dry skin, excessive thirst... you get the idea. So, I'm taking care to keep eating right and up my exercise. So many things to do, and I feel like there just isn't enough time. My chiropractor recommended a natural thyroid supplement, which I am in the process of getting. Hopefully after a month or so on that I'll start feeling better. I'm also getting the IUD taken out. I had it placed after Little Sis was born, but I'm worried that the severe pain I felt was from that, and I keep getting really bad cramps almost daily, so it's coming out.

I think that's all I had to say about my health. I have a lot to write about Little D and the recent developments with him. But first, I'll share one exciting thing that happened this past weekend. My husband and I are avid soccer fans, and we have season tickets (they were a gift) to the local major league soccer club. Saturday was the signing day and we got to meet the players and get autographs. It was really fun! They even gave us a team poster to have them sign and free water and ice cream! I passed on the ice cream since I'm allergic, but it was still very fun!

Thanks for reading and being patient with me when I go so long between posts!

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