Monday, July 19, 2010


I hate when being sick feels like a vacation. What do I mean? When you're on vacation you have activities that divert you from the day to day tasks of normal life. When you're sick, you still are diverted from day to day activities, but not because of fun activities. Getting back to normal life after a vacation can be hard. Dragging yourself out of bed to feed the kids, shower, clean the house, etc., is like eating ground beef after a prime rib dinner. It just doesn't cut it. Returning to life after being sick is like learning how to do things all over again. You're still dragging yourself out of bed, but now you have to drag yourself to the shower, forget about the house, just ease back into life little by little. Like any difficult task, you 'take small bites' until you get it all done. And that goes for the simplest tasks like making meals, showering, etc. Sick-vacations are the worst because it feels like all you've done is work. You had a break from normal life, but you felt awful, so returning to normal life feels like the least appealing thing possible.

Getting better is good, because you feel better, but it's also bad, because it means you realize you had a break from the kids and housework, and it was wasted. You want another vacation. This time a real one where you can kick back, relax and lay by the pool, or whatever.

Getting back to life is good. It depends on the day, but I usually prefer to just jump in and get things done so I don't have too many days of feeling well, and feeling annoyed that my sick-vacation is over. I prefer to make it seem like the sick-vacation never happened. Sometimes, this isn't possible though, so I'm stuck, like I am now, in a post sick-vacation rut. I don't feel ill enough to avoid chores, but I don't feel motivated to do them. I'm surprised I felt enough motivation to finish this post. That's how lazy I'm feeling today. But I know I need to get back to some kind of normal soon, so I'll have to cut my post sick-vacation laziness short. Back to life... Now I have that song in my head. You know the one, "Back to life, back to reality...back to the here and now."

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