Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sick-Vacation Revisited

Just after my husband and I returned to normal life from several days fighting off the stomach flu, I came down with a strep throat infection. I don't know how this happened. It hurts a lot and I'm so emotional and exhausted from my daughter waking up several times at night. Meanwhile I am still on the hunt for a good primary pediatrician for the kids. How is it so difficult to find someone? We went to a new doctor on Tuesday and it turned out to be a big annoying, uncomfortable waste of time. I think he's a good doctor, but he's a terrible listener and is also terrible with his interpersonal skills. It started out fine enough, but he didn't listen to everything I was saying...he interrupted so many times I found myself having to ignore questions that would change the subject in order to give him a more complete medical history for my son. It isn't like I'm long-winded or anything. I had barely said two sentences to him. (I'm much longer-winded in type than in vocalization, believe it or not). In any case, he should have at least paused enough to make sure I had finished a thought, let alone sentence. As a result, I felt like he didn't have all the information and only wanted more information, i.e. test results and files from other specialists and doctors rather than information from me.

I initially wanted another doctor because I felt like I was educating our "doctor" (she's a resident) on not only my children, but also conditions and symptoms. I'm not a doctor. I didn't go to medical school, and yet I felt like I was telling her what the symptoms might mean. Not my area of expertise. However, after seeing this other doctor, an older, somewhat self-righteous man, I am feeling like my initial choice was better. It's so hard to know without meeting the doctors, and so many of them seem great, and end up being not so great. All in all, I think I will try to see if we can have one of the attending physicians as the primary caregiver and not have to deal with residents anymore. Although, it isn't like the residents work without any supervision. They always send the attending in when there's a deeper concern with something, they can't just write prescriptions, and they are heavily supervised.

I guess I've decided to give them another go.

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