Friday, April 8, 2011

Bored or Boring?

Only boring people get bored. That's what my husband would say, thanks to his parents. So that's leaves me with a pretty important identity crisis. I have been feeling bored lately, so what does that mean? Am I bored, or am I boring?

You might say I should take up a hobby. I have a few. I obviously have a blog to post to, but I can only think of so many things to write in a day. Plus, these posts are pretty disjuncted anyway. Maybe you think I used 'disjuncted' wrong or spelled it wrong so I should work on my grammar and vocabulary. You'd be right... about the vocabulary.

I could take up knitting, but those needles are a bit scary with little fingers around. Especially when all my little fingers like to put things in their mouths.

Maybe I could be a budding artist. I have pencils and I have been known to draw, but drawing takes finesse and patience, two virtues which are not part of my repertoire, at least not in abundance. (Hey, I'm doing pretty well with this vocab thing!)

I scrapbook, which is pretty fun, and I'm behind... okay, so I never started. Don't judge me. I just spent more time in the last 2 years being pregnant and nursing than anything else.

I used to sew blankets and I'm willing to attempt something a little more complex like a dress or skirt. But where would I find the time when I won't be in the way of my two littles. This is not a very large apartment, you know? I feel like I'm always stopped in my tracks by one of my kids or by a toy or clothes or chores that are in the pathway.

Sometimes I think I should start building a web site, but that requires study and training, both of which I'm not sure I want to do at this point, and if I do, do I really want to devote my time to studying and training for that skill when I may or may not use it? I probably won't use it... that's just my hunch.

I have a couple of other options, but those options would take me away from house and kids, and that is truly what I have loved most about the last year. Two kids under two was hard for a while, then little D turned 2 and things have been getting better and better and even a little easier.

So, until I figure out what I should do with my life until August (that's when classes start again), expect to see more posts and maybe I'll get crazy and post a few pictures. *gasp*!!

**P.S. I looked up 'disjuncted.' It isn't a word. The word is 'disjunct' which means 'separated' or 'disjointed' the 'ed' on the end is unnecessary. This note is for all you readers who didn't catch my humor and decide to look it up in order to correct me. And yes, I know it is not the best word choice. A better one might be 'cohesive' but, again. The humor.

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  1. For what it's worth - studying something is very often worth it even if you don't use it. You gain something from the study itself, even if the knowledge isn't applied. Coming from a lady who spent 7 years studying psychology and neuroscience only to go into photography! Expanding your mind is always a good thing and you never know what it'll lead to. I'm sure it's harder with kids running around. I usually agree that if you're bored it's your fault, but I also think that mothers of very young children get an exemption from that - everything they do is important and necessary, but not always as varied as they might like! You've always been a good writer Alice - I'd love to see you have a website where you feature your writing! xoxo


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